Video Vignettes - Frank Murcer
Frank Mercer - Chemotherapy

"I don't think I got really used to it, but it didn't bother me that much. I think the only discomfort I had from chemotherapy was when they, they had a mediport in my chest which they inserted a needle and they, that was only one, but it just a split second and it is over, just like getting a blood test done, but as time went on, I got a little sensitive, but, I got kind of used to it, and I think the medication wasn't quite as strong as in some cases like my colon cancer, since it was caught in time, it is more of a preventive measures that I went through the therapy. It was just to make sure there was no more cancer cells left in my system where they would take hold in another place so, that is why there is enfaces on early detection, because the quicker you, they find the cancer in your body and isolate it, the less time you'll spend in treatment. Like with me, I spent a little over a year, about 14 months, of chemotherapy. It didn't affect me that much. I still ate but not as well as I wanted to, but it didn't really affect my appetite. I just ate a little less that is all."