Video Vignettes - Frank Murcer
Frank Mercer - Recovery

"I went to Hawaii and I promised...... if I ever got out of chemotherapy, I was going to go to Hawaii, so I decided to go. So, I called an adult friend of mine and I told her that I needed a companion to go with you know just in case I got sick or whatever, but that was only an excuse to get her to go. Anyway, we went to Honolulu and we stayed there five days and then we went to Maui and we stayed there five days. I really enjoyed the scenery and I, also, I really enjoyed the people. I felt that I was right at home there and those people that I met there, Hawaiian descent, one of, I told them 'I am one of you guys'. I told them I might have sailed away from here thousands of years ago, but I am home, and they thought that was neat you know. "