Video Vignettes - Candi Miller
Candi Miller - Support from her Husband

"My husband was in shock I think, he really didn't know what to do, I mean he was there and, he babied me a lot and, talked to me a lot, and and, didn't leave me alone or when I felt like being alone, he would give me that space.

He took the burdens that I normally would have dealt with the everyday household things, he would, you know make sure the groceries were taken care of, the bills were taken care of, the kids were taken care of so you know that I could concentrate on myself and made sure that all arrangements were all made for me in the process of having to do my travel and that sort of thing. And contacting the insurance company, that was very helpful because when you're going through having, you know being diagnosed with cancer I found that there were so many things that needed to be done and it was very difficult to do those things myself or whatever, so you know, it was real helpful to have my husband there for that."