Introduction to the Storytellers
About Storyteller Marlene

Marlene is an 80 year old widow. She has nine children, 14 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She lives with her daughter on the reservation. Her daughter has her own truck (1989 Chevy) and drives Marlene wherever she needs to go. She has local phone service only (no long distance services). She has an 8th grade education. She is very traditional and very modest. She is fluent in her Native language and has limited English speaking skills. She is eligible for and uses the local IHS clinic for her healthcare. She has no other insurance and has never applied for Medicare. She is diabetic and was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She lives 200 miles from nearest cancer center.

Names and ages of 9 children;
40 year old = Cecelia (lives with Marlene)
55 year old = Kathy
56 year old = Lisa
59 year old = Terri
59 year old = Rick
61 year old = Earl
63 year old = Paul
64 year old = Sharon
65 year old = Stacey

14 Grandchildren: (only 3 identified)
28 year old = June (Cathy's daughter)
5 year old = Summer (Rick's daughter)
38 year old = Paula (Paul's daughter)

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