Introduction to the Stortellers
Helen's Story About Daily Needs

Sally brought Helen home from the doctor's appointment again today.

Helen is feeling very badly. Her treatments are very hard on her.

Helen: I made you some earrings last week. I forgot to give them to

you earlier. You have been so helpful to me.

Sally: [opens the bag and picks up the beaded earrings]. Oh they are pretty. You know you don't have to do anything for me. I know you're not feeling well. I like being able to help. I know you'd do the same for me.

Helen: Well, I was feeling a littler better last week and wanted to make them for you. They'll look nice with your blue blouse.

Sally: Oh yes, they will. I am worried because you have lost so much weight. You're only in the 2nd week of treatment. I just wish your children were closer to help you with daily things.

Helen: I know they would come home to help. But I still haven't told them about the cancer. Nina and Matthew have another month before they come home from Boarding School. So, I'll tell them then.

Sally: What about Patrick or Carl? Do they know yet?

Helen: I am going to have to tell them soon. A lot of friends have been asking me why I'm losing weight. So, I know someone is going to ask them. I'm just not ready yet. I feel too tired. I don't want them to feel bad. I realize now I should have told them earlier. Now it is going to be harder. They're going to be upset and I don't have the energy to explain things to the.

Sally: I agree that others know you're sick. The moccasin telegraph is really starting to work. I am getting a lot of people stop me in the store and ask me what's going on. They are starting to make us stories. I think Patrick and Carl need to be told the truth so that they don't hear the stories.

Helen: Yeah, Maggie crossed the street to avoid walking in front of my house last week. I think she must think I'm cursed.

Sally: Yeah, I heard about that. But Father Jefferies saw her do that. He was down the street visiting Chuck before he came to see you. He went to her house after he visited you and had a long time with her. He gave her prayers to say for understanding and for forgiveness. So, I don't know if she'll even walk down the block for a while.

Helen: Really? He never said anything to me about that. He is very helpful. He visits about three times a week. Larry, the traditional healer also comes to pray with me and he gives me for tea to drink.

Sally: Well, it is good that our city has good spiritual healers. And I am always here when you need to go to the doctors. Because your kids are not here to help yet, I think we need to get someone else to help.

Helen: Oh, I'm doing okay. I don't want a lot of people to know about this. I know they'll find out later, but I don't want to deal with their questions and worried looks.

Sally: Well, how about someone from church to come and help cook some food or to make certain you're eating each day?

Helen: I just don't feel like eating. Nothing tastes good.

Sally: I think the Social Worker said something about being able to get you some nutritional drinks for free. How about if we ask her next time we go to the hospital?

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