Introduction to the Storytellers
About Storyteller Heather

Heather is a 48 year old woman who is in a long-term, happy lesbian relationship. She has two children from an earlier relationship. Her parents and children are not supportive of her lesbian life style and she has had little contact with the family over the last 10 years. She completed 1 year of junior college. She works full time as a waitress, but no health benefits are provided by her employer. She has no private insurance, nor is she covered by her partner's insurance. She lives in rural area, but not on a reservation and is not eligible for IHS services. She has her own car (1995 Chevy). She has both local and long distance phone services. She was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer 6 years ago, was treated and went into remission. She now has recurrent disease to the skin and the bone. She is a sober, recovery alcoholic. She is a good communicator and assertive about her personal needs. She lives 60 miles from the closest cancer center.

Names and ages of her children
24 year old = Marianne
28 year old = Bob

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