Introduction to the Stortellers
Dawn's Story about Brachytherapy

Dawn is calling the Rapid City Regional Hospital to find out more about the Walking Forward Clinical Trial.

Dawn: Hello, my name is Dawn and I am from the "wevegotacasino" tribe. I have private insurance. I was on the Internet and saw some information about Walking Forward and your clinical trial.

Rapid City Regional Hospital Community Research Representative (RCRH CRR): Thank you for calling. Actually Walking Forward has several clinical trials. Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

Dawn: Yes.

RCRH CRR: What type of cancer is it?

Dawn: Breast.

RCRH CRR: Okay, we have a few different clinical trials for breast cancer. Do you happen to know what stage or type of breast cancer it is?

Dawn: Well, I know it is stage 2 but I don't know anything else about a type. I thought there was just one type of breast cancer.

RCRH CRR: No, there are about 15 different types. We have three clinical trial studies for type 2 breast cancer. This stage is still real responsive to treatment. How long ago were you diagnosed?

Dawn: Just last week.

RCRH CRR: Okay. Have you talked with your provider yet about joining a clinical trial.

Dawn: Not yet. I wanted to find out more information first so that I could tell her which one I want to try.

RCRH CRR and Dawn discuss the possible benefits, risks, purposes of the study, her rights to withdraw from the clinical trial and so on. Because brachytherapy is on the NACES website under clinical trials, Dawn looks at pictures while the RCRH CRR describes the process.

Dawn: I am not in the same IHS Area as you. How can you help me get an inexpensive hotel or free housing during the treatment if I decide to do the brachytherapy?

Dawn: So what do I need to do next?

RCRH CRR: Call your health insurance company and ask them about their coverage for you to take part in this clinical trial. Then talk with your provider about this and other possible clinical trials. You can call me back when you have more questions. You may also want to discuss your choices with your family before you decide what you want to do.

Dawn: thanks, I will do that.

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