Introduction to the Stortellers
Dawn's Story about Chemotherapy

Dawn is in her second week of chemo. She is at the tribal council building a few hours before the meeting begins. She is making photocopies for the meeting on the machine when she suddenly feels sick. Henry, the Tribal Chairman walks in and sees her bent over and hanging onto the machine. He knows about her diabetes but not about her cancer.

Henry: Oh no. I'll bet you forgot to eat today. Do you want me to get you some juice?

Dawn [gasping in discomfort]: No, thank you. It's not that. Just give a minute.

Henry: Let me help you sit down.

Dawn: Not yet. Don't move me yet. Let me get balanced.

A few minutes pass and she begins to breathe easier. Henry gently helps her into a chair.

Henry: Are you okay? Do you want me to call the clinic?

Dawn: I think I am okay. I've been a little sick and I think I'm having a reaction to the medicine.

Henry: Is this a woman-thing? Should I get my wife to help you?

Dawn: No no no no. It is not a woman-thing. I was feeling so good I was hoping I didn't have to tell anyone. But I guess I'd better now. Come on, sit down.

Henry: Do you want me to get you some juice or anything? You look all sweaty.

Dawn: I'll be okay. I was diagnosed with cancer about 2 months ago and I am in my second week of chemo. I should be okay. I'm a pretty early stage of the cancer. The nurse told me that I could suddenly have side effects from the chemo and I guess this is it. I just had like a hot flash and suddenly felt really weak and then a headache. Kind of like BOOM, BOOM, BOOM is the way it hit me. I feel a little better but not great. It just kind of caught me by surprise.

Henry: I'm really sorry about the cancer. But I'm glad to hear that you're going to be okay. Let's have the CHR drive you home. I'll finish making the copies for the meeting. I think you should just go home and rest and miss the meeting tonight. What do you think?

Dawn: Yeah, I think I may be better if I go home. If I did this in the middle of the meeting that ol' biddy Marge would have a hay day. She'd love it.

Henry: Is there anything you'd like me to share with the other council members?

Dawn: No, I'd rather tell them myself, but when I'm feeling stronger. I can't afford to give Marge any slack. She'll be demanding that I resign and tell everyone I'm dying. But I'm not. I'm going to be okay.

Henry: [smiling] Yeah, I understand. Okay, I'll just say that you had to take care of something and won't be here tonight. If anything real important comes up that I know you'd want a say in, I'll delay the vote. Now let's get the CHR to take you home. I'll help you out to the van.

Dawn: Thanks, I appreciate that. Well, one good thing. I'm losing some weight [smiles]. Okay, now how are you going to get me out of Tribal Headquarters without anyone seeing you help me?

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