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Marlene's Fatigue Symptoms

Marlene has her pain under control and even though she has Fatigue, she still wants to be a help to her family. Her granddaughter, who lives nearby on the reservation, has just had a baby and Marlene knows she hasn't been getting much sleep. Her daughter Cecelia, who lives with Marlene, has been helping, but Marlene wants to help, too.

Marlene: I really want to help Caren with the baby, but I am so tired. There has to be something I can do.

Cecelia: Yes, Caren is tired, too, but it's not the same kind of tired you are feeling. The baby doesn't sleep much. Caren knows you want to help.

Marlene: (frowning): I know, but that's what family should do, help out. I want to make some booties and hold the baby and let Caren sleep. My pain is better and I know I can't do much with this arm, but...

Cecelia: Mom, it's okay. Everyone knows how tired you are and that you can't help it. Some think it's just because you are old, but the family knows it's because of your cancer and cancer treatment.

Marlene: Do you think there is something I can do to help? Could Caren come here with the baby? I can't lift him, but I could watch him and you could help me if he cries. Maybe I can hold him if you put him in my arms.

Cecelia: We could ask Caren, maybe she would like that. I know she's wants him to know his great-grandmother.

Marlene: (smiling): That would be good; it might even make me less tired, to think I can help Caren and the baby.

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