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Dawn's Fatigue Symptoms

Dawn has now been done with her chemo for 6 months. She is no longer taking naps, is getting exercise every day and eating well. But she still has trouble thinking clearly and can't read a book or watch a complete TV show without losing track of the plot. Her daughter Carolyn has come to visit and is talking about the new fall TV shows.

Carolyn: Oh, Mom! I can't wait to see all the new shows on TV. They sound so interesting! There is a murder mystery, a hospital show, a couple of comedies and several reality shows. I like to rest after work and just watch TV. All the new shows should help me relax!

Dawn: I wish I could watch the shows, but I just can't follow them. I am so forgetful that after the commercial I can't remember what I just saw.

Carolyn: Why can't you concentrate?

Dawn: It has something to do with my chemo. It happens to lots of people. The nurses call it "chemo brain." My brain doesn't work as well as it did. It is supposed to get better, just like the fatigue is getting better, but it's taking a long time.

Carolyn: Is there anything you can do?

Dawn: Well, the nurse told me to not get stressed, but how do I do that with my job? We have so many things going on at the Tribal Council right now that I feel stressed every day!

Carolyn: Is there anything else to try? It's hard not to be stressed when you can't remember things you need to and can't concentrate.

Dawn: Well, she did tell me to get outside everyday, so I have been walking at lunch. And I have been sleeping better at night, so I ma not so tired. That seems to help, too. I want to try some herbs, but I need to talk with my doctor first.

Carolyn: Well, I hope that helps! In the meantime, I'll tell you the plots of the new shows and we can watch them together. That will be fun and I can help you remember!

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