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Dawn's Fatigue Symptoms

Dawn finished her chemotherapy last month. She was able to work most of the time even though she was very tired. She went in as many days as she could and always did as much of her work as she could even if she had to take a nap and finish it later in the day or on the weekend. She was allowed to work half days if she needed to and to take days off if she wasn't well. Now she is back full time and there are 3 meetings set for this week at the tribal council. Harry, the Tribal Chairman, sees her at her desk and sits down to talk.

Henry: Dawn, I'm so glad you are done with your treatment and we can really get back to work. We all know it was hard to get chemo, but everything will be fine now, right?

Dawn: I'm glad I'm done, too. But I'm really tired and it doesn't seem to be any better. My nurse told me it would last a while, but I though the tiredness would be gone in a month.

Henry: I was counting on your being able to do everything now that you're done. We have 3 meetings this week and I need you to make copies, plan for the food and set up the meetings.

Dawn: I'll be okay, I know you all were so good to me while I was sick, and I know you are counting on me. I can do it.

Henry leaves and Dawn puts her head on her desk to rest a few minute.

Dawn: [thinking to herself] What am I going to do? They have been so good to me and now I need to be able to work. But I am so tired that I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping. I have to figure it out. I need this job!

Henry comes back in and sees Dawn with her head down.

Henry: Are you okay? Do you need to go home? I know I need your help, and I thought you would be fine by now. But we'll manage!

Dawn: No, I don't need to go home. The nurse told me there were things to do to make it easier. I will have to try them. The really bad thing is that I can't seem to remember things very well.

Henry: What did the nurse say to do?

Dawn: Well, she told me to make sure I get rest at night and take no more than a 30 minute nap during the day. She said to make my room quiet and dark and to try to sleep. She said if I can't sleep I should get up and do something until I feel sleepy and then try again. She also said to eat well and get some exercise every day. The most important thing is that it will get better, but it may take a year or so to go away.

Henry: Oh no, not a year! That's a long time! We'll figure it out. Maybe you can sit by the copy machine to make the copies and we can get some of the others to get the room ready and order the food. We're all so glad you're going to be okay. Rest a bit.

Dawn: Thanks! I'll make sure I save my energy for doing the work I really need to do.

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