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Finding and Using Sources of Help and Support Branch


The purpose of the Help and Support Limb of the Quality of Life Decision Tree is to help you to find the help and support you need as a cancer survivor.

Most of us need some help with different kinds of things when going through cancer.

The word "resource" is used often in the Help and Support Limb.
We use the word "resource" as another word for "help" or "support." We also use the word "resource" to refer to a person or place from which you can get help.

Throughout the Help and Support Limb, you will find "vignettes" or short video clips of Native American Cancer Survivors. The survivors featured in the vignettes give you tips, encouragement and ideas for finding resources. We hope that these brief stories will:

  • Give you support and encouragement
  • Give you good ideas for getting help and support
  • Help you to know that others have gone through similar challenges and found ways to get the help and support they needed from family, community and the many organizations dedicated to helping cancer patients
Lorecita Quintana
Santo Domingo Pueblo
Dx 1989 Colon Cancer

"If you are diagnosed with cancer, there's a lot of things that will help you. A lot of people, I found out along the way, people are so helpful. Whether its physically giving you help, or emotionally. There's all sorts of types of help that you can get"

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