Sexuality Branch
Sexuality and Intimacy Branch

1.Welcome leaf

  • Welcome to the sexuality and intimacy branch! The purpose of this branch within the SIDE EFFECTS limb is to help with any problems you may have due to changes in sexual feelings and responses caused by your cancer or cancer treatment. We know that cancer and its treatment can affect your sexuality and your relationships with others. This branch will help you understand some of the possible changes and give you some ideas about what you can do to improve your sexual functioning and your relationships during and after cancer treatment.
  • Included in this branch are:
  • Definitions of sexuality: sexual function, body image and reproduction
  • Possible risk factors for sexual problems
  • How your body works during sexual activities (the sexual response cycle)
  • The sexual side effects of cancer and cancer treatment
  • How to mange sexual side effects
  • Relationship Issues
    • For those with a partner (same sex and opposite sex partners)
    • For those without a partner

  • Communication Issues:
    • How to talk about your healthcare provide about your sexual needs
    • Questions to ask your healthcare provider

  • What information can I find in this branch:
    • Storytellers.

    • Introduction. This leaf gives you an introduction and overview of sexuality. This leaf includes the following:
      • What is sexuality?
      • What is body image?
      • How common are sexual problems for cancer survivors?
      • What are the common sexual problems seen in those with cancer?
      • Who is at risk for sexuality problems?

    • Medicine Wheel: Body. This leaf includes:
      • What are the female sex organs and sexually responsive body areas for women?
      • What are the other sexual areas on the body?
      • What is sexual arousal?
      • What are the stages of sexual arousal?
      • What can cause sexual desire and arousal to be less than usual?
      • How can cancer treatment affect my sexuality?
      • How do I manage the sexual side effects of cancer and cancer treatment?

    • Medicine Wheel: Mind. This section lists some of the ways our minds and mental functioning can affect our sexual responses

    • Medicine Wheel: Emotions. This section describes some of the emotional affects that occur when you have changes in your sexuality

    • Medicine Wheel: Spirit. This section describes spiritual affects of sexuality and how some traditional Indian ceremonies need to be modified to help protect you.

    • Sexuality Resources. Internet resources for information on sexuality

    • Questions for patients to ask their providers related to sexuality

    • Glossary / Definitions / Word Meanings

    • Author: Linda U. Krebs, RN, PhD, AOCN, FAAN

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