Sexuality and Intimacy Glossary

Definitions / Word Meanings

  • Anus (a-nus): the back passage or opening stool
  • Clitoris [klit-er-iss]: a pea sized area just under the top of the labia majora that is very sensitive and grows larger with sexual stimulation
  • Labia majora [lay-bee-ah maa-jor-ah]: the outer lips of the vagina
  • Labia minora [lay-bee-ah mih-nor-ah]: the thin inner lips seen when the labia majora are parted
  • Lumpectomy [lump-ek-toe-me] - removal of the breast mass (tumor) and some of the surrounding breast tissue
  • Mastectomy [mast-ek-toe-me]: the removal of the breast tissue. May include removal of the just the breast (simple mastectomy), the breast and lower levels of lymph nodes (modified radical mastectomy) or removal of the breast tissue, all lymph nodes in the armpit and the muscles behind the breast (radical mastectomy - rarely done)
  • Oophorectomy [oo-four-ek-toe-me]: removal of the ovaries
  • Perineum [pear-ih-knee-um]: a diamond shaped area of skin that includes the vagina and anus
  • Urethra [you-ree-thra]: the opening for urine, located just above the vagina

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