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Getting Help with Travel

This section includes information about help you or your family may need while you are getting treatment or following treatment. It includes:

Travel and Transportation Leaf

This leaf of the Quality of Life tree has tips and information to help find help and support getting to and from cancer treatment. Whether you have to travel a few miles across town, many miles across a rural area or across the country, there may be some help available to you and your family.

Some cancer centers and clinics have a limited supply of vouchers or money to help you with the cost of gas or cabs. But, in almost every case, it is not a service that is offered - unless you ask.

If you are having a hard time finding a ride to treatment or struggling to pay the high price of gas, start by telling your doctor, cancer nurse, or social worker. Ask if your cancer clinic or treatment center is able to help with transportation or gas money. Ask if they know of any local agencies you can contact for help with transportation or gas money.

One example of help with transportation is a great new resource for cancer patients in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. The American Cancer Society, along with Amgen Pharmaceutical Company will provide patients in that area up to $400 in gas cards or ferry vouchers. Health care providers must fill out a simple form to request that gas or ferry vouchers be sent to your home. It usually takes about a week to get your first gas card and/ or ferry voucher. If you live in that area, and are struggling with the cost of gas or ferry rides to get to treatment, start by asking your doctor, cancer nurse, or social worker. If they don't know about this program call 1-800-ACS-2345 and ask for the number of your local American Cancer Society office.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is good place to start your search for help and support with transportation and many other needs you may have as a person with cancer. To reach the American Cancer Society from anywhere in the United States you can start by calling 1-800-ACS-2345, available 24 hours a day. The person on the phone can give you information and strategies to find the help you need and tell you how to contact the ACS office closest to your home for additional help and support.

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Rides to Treatment

South Dakota-specific

  • Non-emergency medical transport
    OST CHR Program - Jim Waters

    102 W. Main Street, Pine Ridge, SD 5770
    605-867-5801 M-F 8-4:30

  • Medical travel expenses
    OST Treasurer's Office - Cheryl Whistler

    OST Tribal Office
    605-868-8417 M-F 8-4:30

Mary-Helen Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer
Provides transportation to and from treatment, legal assistance, support groups, bereavement counseling, education and a smoking cessation program.
1707 L St. NW, Ste. 230
Washington, DC 20036
Web site:
Telephone: 1-866-628-8637 or 202-332-5536
Fax: 202-332-0662

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Air travel

Angel Flight West
A nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that arranges free, non-emergency air travel for children and adults with serious medical conditions and other compelling needs. Their network of 1,900 pilots throughout the 13 western states donate their aircraft, piloting skills, and all flying costs to help families in need, enabling them to receive vital treatment that might otherwise be inaccessible because of financial, medical, or geographic limitations. The Earth Angel Program is also available in Santa Monica CA, Portland, OR, Albuquerque, NM, and Denver, CO areas and coordinates ground transportation from the airfield to the patient's medical facility. All Angel Flight West missions are free of charge. The costs are paid by the volunteer pilots. If you wish to request an Angel Flight West mission for yourself, a friend, or family member, you may do so online or call us toll-free at:
Telephone: 888-4-AN-ANGEL (888-426-2643)
Web site:

Corporate Angel Network, Inc.
A service that matches available space on corporate airplanes with cancer patients in need of transportation to recognized treatment centers.
One Loop Road
White Plains, New York 10604
Web site:
Telephone: 914-328-1313 or 866-328-1313
Fax: 914-328-3938

Patient Travel
The National Patient Travel Helplinge provides information about all forms of charitable, long-distance medical air transportation and provides referrals to all appropriate sources of help available in the national charitable medical air transportation network.
c/o Mercy Medical Airlift
4620 Haygood Road, Ste. 1
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
Web site:
Telephone: 800-296-1217 or 757-318-9174
Fax: 757-318-9107

Air Care Alliance
A nationwide league of flying organizations whose volunteer pilots are dedicated to community service. This ACA website will introduce you to us and to all the groups we list whose volunteers perform public benefit flying for health care, patient transport, disaster relief, environmental support, and other missions of public service.
Web site:
Telephone: 888-260-9707
Fax: 918-745-0879

Grace Flight of America
Grace Flight of American helps people in need of free air transportation for medical and humanitarian purposes. It is our goal to remove the transportation burden from patients so they can get to specialized medical treatment not available to them locally and focus on getting well. Many of our patients do not have access to conventional transportation or are too ill to drive or fly commercially. Grace Flight is here to help! Completely free of charge! Grace Flight of America relies completely on volunteer pilots and donations from individuals, foundations, clubs and corporations.
Web site:
Telephone: 888-500-0433

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Housing and Lodging

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses
Provides rooms for families and patients receiving medical treatment away from home. Rates typically range from $5-$15 per day (sometimes free).
Web site:
Telephone: 800-542-9730

Hope Lodge
A temporary housing program supported by American Cancer Society provides free, temporary housing facilities for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. For more information about this program, or to find locations of Hope Lodges.
Web site:
Telephone: 1-800-ACS-2345

Ronald McDonald Houses
Supported by Ronald McDonald House Charities, provide a "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals. Ronald McDonald Houses are temporary residences near the medical facility, where family members can sleep, eat, relax, and find support from other families in similar situations. In return, families are asked to make a donation ranging on average from $5 to $20 per day, but if that isn't possible, their stay is free.
Web site:
Telephone: 630-623-7048

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