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(The "Spirit" of the Medicine Wheel)
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Caren Trujillo
(Fish River Inupiaq)
Dx 1988 Breast Cancer

"So I want us to realize just how powerful our prayers are and this is something that each one of us have. And again, I believe our thoughts are prayers, so it's a natural resource. It's something right now that we have that can assist in our healing process. Not only cancer but any problem that we have. And again, physical problem, emotional problem, spiritual problem, mental problem, Okay so we have the resources of our prayers and I think being us- indigenous people at the very strong inside of us."

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"... another resource that we have are our ceremonies. And when I talk with people about ceremonies, what I find is that people think, oh they have to have a spiritual man or woman to come in, prepare a big preparation, monies and have I can't have a ceremony until all this is together. Yes I understand and that this is true with some ceremonies, but what I want is us to realize just a small ceremony that we can have to do ourselves. Because you have the power, you know. It's almost like some people say, umm... huh I can't do it right now because I have to wait until these things come together before I can have a ceremony. I want you to realize just a small ceremony that you can, that you can do yourself, you know. You can go off and offer tobacco or water or you know a small little gift that you can do, a ceremony with your family, a ceremony with another love one, a friend, a ceremony with just you and the Creator."

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Angela Russell
1987 Breast Cancer

"I really felt I had a lot to do and I had a lot of family and uh it was important to stay alive and to do some of those things and I really I think sought out a lot of different areas for help, not only from the medical side but also from my own spiritual side uh, also from naturopathic medicine, my own traditional beliefs, I think you have to combine all of those resources as Indian people, I think we have that advantage to have all of those available to us and that's pretty much what I did"

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