NACES - Resource Overview
Overview of Help and Support Limb

What Information Can I Find in the Help and Support Limb?

The information on this limb will give you:

  • awareness of the kinds of help and support that are available to help people with cancer
  • phone numbers and internet links for organizations you can contact for help and support
  • hints about how to find and use resources
  • ideas for how your family and loved ones can help you find resources
  • ideas on how to organize your search for resources
  • tips and tools to save time and energy
The information on this Limb is divided into three branches:

    Branch 1: Finding and Using Resources
      The branch, "Finding and Using Resources" contains the key educational content of the "Help and Support" Limb. This branch presents information and ideas on how to find resources to help you through your cancer journey. Storytellers give you the stories of other Native people with cancer and how they went about their search for resources.

    Branch 2: Resources
      The branch, "Resources" contains a directory of organizations. The directory is divided into many leaves, each one containing listing of sources of help and support in an individual category. The "Resource" branch will always be growing and changing as we learn more about useful sources of help and support. Your input is vital to keeping this site up-to-date and accurate. Please use the "comment box" located at the bottom of each leaf to inform us of additional resources, updated information or corrections for that leaf.

    Branch 3: The Medicine Wheel
      The Medicine Wheel (MW) Branch of the Help and Support Limb describes the affect that searching for and finding the resources you need, can have on your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Throughout the Help and Support Limb, you will find practical tips on how to use the information in this limb. They will all be labeled, "Tip" and will be shown in green just like the first "Tip" below:

Tip: Taking some time to go through the branches and leaves of the "Help and Support Limb" before you begin your search for resources may reduce the time and energy you need to spend in the long run. It may help you to save energy that can be better used for healing and other activities.

CeCe Whitewolf (Confederated Tribes
of Umatilla)
Dx 1998 Breast Cancer

"While now that I'm doing this kind of work there are resources all over the place. The internet I found is the best resource for me. I get on webmed and there is various, many kinds of numerous websites, NCI, American Cancer Society, the Komen Foundation, Lance Armstrong. Lots of people have educational resources"

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