Native Cancer Survivors' Support Circles - Participants
Cancer 100:
Overview of Cancer in Native Americans

NOTE: These documents were made for double sided printing

  • Circle Topics: Cancer 100  …download the PDF file 19.5MB
    • Overview of Cancer in Native Americans
    • What is cancer (CAN-sir)
    • What types of cancer are having success with treatment?
    • What are "risk factors?"
    • What are examples of common behavioral risk factors?
    • What are "hereditary" types of cancer?
    • What are examples of behaviors that help to protect your health?
    • What are common myths of providers about cancer in American Indians and Alaska Natives?
    • What are common myths of American Indians and Alaska Natives about cancer?
    • Cancer continues to increase among Native people
      • What are common cancer terms?
      • What is a Biopsy (bye-OP-see)?
      • What is a cancer "diagnosis" (die-egg-NOH-sis)?
      • What is Metastasis (ma-TAS-sta-sis)?
      • What is a Tumor (TOO-mer)?
    • Cancer Treatment
    • How are most cancers treated?

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