Palliative (comfort) Care
Palliative (comfort) Care for chronic cancer or preparing for end-of-life

  1. Palliative care is to provide comfort and relief without curing
  2. Palliative care means keeping you, the patient, as comfortable as possible throughout your cancer experience. It can begin as early as when you are first diagnosed with cancer and may continue until the end of life, whether the death is caused by cancer or from another problem. More and more cancer patients do not die from cancer. But some do.
  3. The purpose of this branch is to help you
    1. find resources that you may need to improve your comfort;
    2. learn how others approach death and dying with dignity;
    3. provide information about the types of things you need to do before you die;
    4. explain how some things need to be done to reduce the likelihood of problems among your family after you have died / passed away / walked on.

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