Spiritual Beliefs
Spiritual Beliefs

Katherine Big Hail recalls that her strong beliefs healed her during a sundance, her traditional ceremony.


By keeping a foot each in the traditional and modern worlds, Bonnie Craig keeps herself centered.

Human Qualities…We all have the following human qualities that make us who we are. We are Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit

Spiritual Beliefs
Most people have a spiritual belief system. Some examples are:

  1. According to their traditional tribal culture (e.g., Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge Ceremony)
  2. According to the main society's culture of some type of organized religion
  3. A combination of the above
  4. Very individualized beliefs (something that YOU feel is right for you)
  5. There are other forms of healing that include spiritual components, like natural and alternative spirituality and healing (e.g., meditation)

Traditional tribal culture and beliefs

  • Some people are raised knowing the traditional beliefs of their culture. They know the language, roles, beliefs, ceremonies, foods, dress of their tribe. They closely follow these ways and teachings in their day to day lives.
  • Each tribe has its own individual culture and belief systems.

Organized religion and beliefs

  • Some Native people were raised in the main society and know and live the language, roles, food, dress, beliefs and religions of those cultures.
  • Organized religions have their own belief systems and practices.
  • Many tribal Nations in the United States include some form of organized religion.

Combination beliefs

  • Some Natives combine traditional beliefs with organized religions beliefs, like Christianity, Buddhism, natural and alternative healing (e.g., Reike).
  • Some Natives practice both their cultural ceremonies and other organized religions side by side.

Individualized beliefs

  • Some Natives have their own personal belief system that does not follow their cultural nor organized religion beliefs. It is their own individualized knowing, way and system that works only for them.
  • Many times this includes doing something you just feel is the right thing for you to do.

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