Welcome to Spirituality
Welcome to the Spirituality limb of the Quality of Life

Spirituality is an important side of all human beings. It can also be an important part of your healing process.

The purpose of this branch of the Quality of Life Decision Tree is to provide information on different areas and types of spirituality.

The more you realize how important your spiritual self is to your human qualities, the easier it will be to include spirituality in your own healing.

Click on any of the leaves above. They will take you to different areas of spirituality (like Spiritual Beliefs, Traditional Healing, Natural & Alternative Healing).

What is the purpose of the Spirituality branch?

There are many questions about spirituality that you may be asking and thinking about differently as you go through the cancer experience. This branch provides explanations of different types and areas of spirituality. You will find some types and areas more comfortable than others.


  • By the end of this session you will be able to:
  • Consider the spiritual side of yourself.
  • Be informed of different types of spiritual practices.
  • Be aware of ways you can include spirituality in your healing process.

What information can you find here?

  • Welcome/Introduction
  • Common questions
  • Spiritual beliefs
  • Traditional beliefs to address healing
  • Spiritual practices
  • Traditional healing
  • How is the information organized?

The information begins with common questions asked by survivors. Real survivors are throughout the branches, twigs and leafs to share their perceptions of spirituality throughout their cancer experience. Storytellers are also available in several sections of the branch to share examples of spirituality other Native survivors have experienced.

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