How to reduce chemo side effects or cope with them-- Before you start your chemo
How to reduce chemo side effects or cope with them-- Before you start your chemo

Have someone take you to and from your appointment.

  • Sometimes you feel a little nervous and other times feel sick. It is safer to have someone take you. Most people want this help to be from a family member or close friend.
  • A lot of times the family or friend stays with you during your treatment. But if your chemo is supposed to be for several hours, they may leave and then return when you are done to take you home.
  • If a family member or close friend is not available to do this, ask the CHR or CHA to help you with this.
  • If the CHR or CHA cannot do this, let the hospital or clinic know that you need help getting to the appointments. Most will have a way to get you help getting to your appointment (like a taxi voucher).

Bring food or drink that your stomach can handle.

  • This is really important if your chemo sessions are long or if you are also diabetic.
  • Foods and drinks usually taste differently during the weeks that you are having chemo
  • Only you will know which foods or drinks ones you can handle
  • The different way foods and drinks taste during the weeks of your chemo
  • Foods and drinks that cause you to have an upset stomach
    • If you are diabetic, this is very important for you to have a healthy snack or drink to control your blood sugar
  • Chemo is stressful for most people
  • Stress affects your blood sugar level
  • Make certain you remind the nurses in the chemo room that you are diabetic.
    • Bring a thermos of warm water or herbal tea close by so that you are getting warm liquids
  • Bring extra water and blankets in the car/truck. Sometimes you will suddenly thirsty or feel chilled going or returning from chemo and you may want to have some water or put a blanket on you
  • Have a bucket in the car/truck in case you suddenly need to throw up.

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