John's Story
John's Story about his experience with Chemotherapy

John's surgery went well and after a short delay, he started his chemo. He is in his 3rd week of chemo. John's son comes into his bedroom to check on him because he hasn't been doing very well with the chemo.

Gerald: Hey Dad, how are you doing?

John: Oh, boy. Not so good.

Gerald: Are you still throwing up a lot?

John: Yeah. I can't seem to keep anything down.

Gerald: What about the diarrhea?

John: Yeah, bad.

Gerald: Let's see if some of the Pedialyte helps. The nurse said we've got to get some liquids into you and that the Pedialyte has other nutrients that you're losing with the vomiting and diarrhea.

John: I just can't seem to stand the taste. Everything tastes metallic. I can't even think about drinking it.

Gerald: Well, I've got some 7-Up and the nurse said to try taking a small sip of the 7-Up and then a small sip of the Pedialyte. Okay?

[Gerald gently helps his father sit up in bed a little. He places the straw to the 7-Up to his dad's mouth. John takes one sip of each then signals that that is enough]

John: No more for right now. I'll try again a little later, son.

Gerald: That's okay, Dad. The nurse said to take it real slow - maybe once every thirty minutes to see how well you can keep it down. If you keep getting sick, we've got to take you back to the hospital. They said they'd put in an IV so that you'll get some nutrients and liquids that way if you're unable to keep anything down.

John: Oh boy, I hate to go back there. It just brings back too many memories of your mom and what she went through. Maybe I should just forget the chemo and let myself die.

Gerald: Now Dad. You're just feeling bad because of the chemo. The doctors all say you're going to be fine. Your cancer is only stage 2. That's pretty good Dad. You've just got to get through this. You want to see your grandchildren grow up, right?

John: Yeah, it is thoughts of them that make me want to fight it. So, you really think I feel this bad just from the chemo and it's not the cancer getting worse.

Gerald: Yes Dad. I think this is just a bad reaction to the chemo. I'm sorry Dad. I know you feel lousy right now. But it's going to get better.

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