What Do I Do After My Treatment?
What Do I Do After My Treatment?

  • Follow the providers instructions. There are some that you may not understand.
  • Make certain you understand how to take any medication you are given (what is it for, when do you take it, how much do you take, how often each day). For example, if the provider says to take a pill four times a day, does that mean you are supposed to set the alarm and take a pill in the middle of the night or can you take if before you go to sleep?
  • Make certain you understand how to change a dressing or clean a wound or shunt to avoid infection. Ask what signs to look for to catch an infection when it is early.
  • Ask how much blood you should have from the surgery wound. Is ¼ of a cup of blood for a whole day too much? At which point should you call the doctor and return to the hospital?
  • How much pain or discomfort is expected? An occasional throbbing or aching? What if it lasts for an hour? At what point do you call the doctor for help?
  • If you have diarrhea, how do you replace electrolytes your body needs to function and heal? How much diarrhea is a sign to call the doctor?
  • If you are constipated, how long do you wait before you should call the doctor for help? Which types of laxatives are okay for you to take with your other medications and which types do you need to avoid?
  • Before you begin to prepare to do ceremony, explain to your provider what is involved in your ceremony (e.g., fasting, dancing throughout the night). Ask the Traditional Indian Healer and your western provider talk about how you can do ceremony without affecting the progress you are making against your cancer.

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