Leslie's Story
Leslie's Story

Leslie and her husband are sitting at home after talking to the doctor about her diagnosis.

Ralph (husband): Well, how are you feeling about all of this?

Leslie: Im still a bit in shock, but figure that well do okay. I know a lot of other women who have had breast cancer. The treatment is going to be hard, but they’ve done okay.

Ralph: what do you think about what she said about no surgery?

Leslie: Well, I think the cancer is already pretty advanced. I should have gone in earlier, but I was so busy at work before I retired that I just kept putting off the appointment for my mammogram.

Ralph: Our insurance plan will cover the chemo without having to pay the deductible. I asked at the desk when you were in the bathroom. So we dont need to worry about paying for the chemo treatments.

Leslie: Yeah, thats a relief. It sounds like it is going to be a pretty rugged chemo. So, I guess youre going to have to cook for both of us. I asked the doctor for the anti-nausea medications and she says to start taking them the day before my chemo begins. But she also says that even with the drugs that Im likely to have some queasiness and lose my appetite. She suggested that we pick up some high nutrition drinks, like Ensure®, but it doesnt have to be a brand name like Ensure®. There are others that are just as good and less expensive. So, how about when you go to the market today, pick up some of that. She also suggested that we get some Pedialyte® or Gatorade® or something similar to replace electrolytes in case I start vomiting or have diarrhea. She said to just be prepared. Not buy a whole lot because I may not have a big problem and that my tastes would change. So something that tastes good now may not taste good to me in a few weeks.

Ralph: Ill take a run by Costco® and see if I can get a variety pack of some of these things so that you can change flavors when you need to.

Leslie: Yeah, the nurse at the hospital also told me about an express busline that has a pick-up close to our apartment.

Ralph: Well, its only 25 miles away and I cant think of any reason why I cant take you. If I have a problem, one of the children should be able to do that. You may not want to be a bus in case you suddenly feel sick like the doctor was telling us may happen. She made it sound like you could be in the middle of a trip home and feel okay, then feel badly.

Leslie: Okay, that sounds good. We can bring a bucket in case I need it. She also told me to bring a lap blanket. So, were going to get through this.

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