Get on the Path to Colon Health

Get the complete Get on the Path to Colon Health module Download (17.2 MB)

Part 0: Intructions and Pre-Test Questions Download (2.5 MB)

Parts 1 & 2: Introduction and Yesterday & Today Download (2.3 MB)

Parts 3 & 4: Anatomy of the Colon and Colon Cancer in Indian Country Download (1.6 MB)

Part 5: Colon Cancer Risk Factors, Hereditary Forms of Colorectal Cancer, Excerpt from the GENA® curriculum Download (4.4 MB)

Part 6: Colorectal Cancer Screening Download (4.8 MB)

Part 7: Post-Test Questions Download (1.9 MB)

Handouts: PDF of the Slide Handouts Download (5.5 MB)