To view animations, please install Flash
To view animations, please install Flash

This site has many animations. If you can not see them, you can install software on your computer that will let you. The software is called “Flash” and is safe and easy to install.

 How do I download Macromedia Flash Player?

The Flash Player is available for download from the Macromedia website at the Flash Player Download Center. If you wish to install using a standalone installer you can download the appropriate installer below:



 I have installed Macromedia Flash Player but still don’t see any Flash content. What is wrong?

The most common reasons that Flash content fails to display are:

Pop-up blockers blocking Flash

The most common cause of Flash movies failing to display is the presence of a pop-up/ad blocker software that specifically targets Flash content. To find out more about this please see Flash movies do not appear after installing the Flash Player (TN 19091).

Internet Explorer Settings on a Macintosh

On the Macintosh there is a setting in Internet Explorer to enable plug-ins. This setting is located in the Explorer > Preferences menu of the browser. In the Preferences dialog box, select Web Content under Browser Display. Then ensure that the Enable Plug-ins option is selected.

Internet utilities blocking ActiveX

Some Internet Utilities, such as Norton Internet Utilities, perform functions similar to a firewall and may restrict viewing of ActiveX controls. You need to ensure that your firewall or utility settings are set to allow ActiveX controls or you will not be able to view Flash movies in Internet Explorer.

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