The Glossary for the Patient Provider Branch
The Glossary for the Patient Provider Branch

Communication includes more than just the words you say. It also includes the tone you use when you say the words and the way you hold your body (body language) when you are saying the words.

Providers in this section primarily refers to any healthcare providers you talk with throughout your cancer care: doctors, nurses, radiation technicians, chemotherapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, hospital insurance officers, financial officers, IHS contracted health service representatives, and so on

Miscommunication refers to the ways that we interact with our provider that doesnt work well. It also includes the ways our providers interact with us as patients that doesnt work well. It means that whatever we are trying to communicate to one another (patient-provider) is not being understood.

Passive communication refers to relying on the use of our tone of voice or body language to get our message across, rather than words.

Aggressive communication includes attacking, blaming, or attempting to manipulate the listener into feeling responsible or guilty.

Assertive communication is a clear and firm, but not aggressive way to explain your problem.

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