First time here? What's here for you?
First time here? What's here for you?

What is “Native American Cancer Education for Survivors” (NACES) and who is it for?

  • An educational program designed to help you improve your quality of life.
  • For Native American breast cancer survivors and those who care for them
  • A research study to learn:
    • What types of education information are of most use to you
    • If information can be adapted to fit you based on answers you provide to a number of surveys
  • Information is available to you in two ways:
    • Directly on the Internet
    • With the help of a Native Patient Advocate
  • Most of the information may be useful to people with other types of cancer
  • Non-Natives are welcome to use the information
  • Any information you provide is protected:
    • It is stored in a separate, encrypted database

What will I find here?

  • Education information about cancer
  • Surveys:
    • To adapt the education information to fit you
    • To develop future education topics
  • Resources
  • Examples of questions for you to ask your provider
  • Stories from Native American Survivors
  • Storytellers talking about surviving and dealing with cancer

  • Other symbols
    • The Hummingbird on the tree shows you where you are
    • The Teepee returns you to the NACR home page
    • The Tree returns you to the NACES main page
    • The Storyteller gives you a story based on several other Native survivors to help show you how others have dealt with a problem.
    • The Question mark gives you questions to ask your provider (in a branch & on the sidebar)
    • The Bear gives you answers to questions and comments from prior visitors
    • The Book sends you definition pages where you can look up words you do not understand and/or would like definitions of.
    • The Compass sends you to a site map where it might be easier for you to find your topics of interest.

    What we would like you to do while you are in the tree.

    • Over the first few visits to the tree, we would like you to answer at least the first three surveys.
    • You can go to any of the eight limbs ready for you to use.
    When you are done looking at a topic, we would like you to tell us your opinion about the information.
    • What did you like?
    • What would you like to have changed?
    • What parts were most useful to you?
    • Did you learn something you didnt know before?
    • Was something missing that you wanted?
    • Please use the comment box provided at the bottom of each page to submit your comments.

    Whenever you have difficulty or want to talk to someone, you may contact the Patient Advocates at 1-800-537-8295.

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