How Diabetes is Treated and Managed / Controlled
Controlling Your Diabetes During Breast Cancer Treatment


The goal for people with diabetes is to control the level of blood sugar.
What is a good blood sugar level?

  • Blood sugar level goals:
    • morning fasting = 80 -110
    • before meals = 90 -130
    • after meals = < 180 (less than 180)
Controlling Blood Sugar
  • Check your blood sugar regularly, as often as your health care provider recommends
  • Eat healthy and maintain a normal weight
  • Be physically active.
Blood Sugar Levels
  • It's common to have some difficulty controlling your blood sugars when you also have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are undergoing treatment. The sugar often will go up, if you are feeling stressed. It may also go up if you are having physical symp-toms from your cancer or treatment, for example, pain. If you have no appetite and are eating less, your blood sugar can get too low. This is why it is so important to check your sugars on a regular basis, because your body is going through so many changes - and that can have a great effect on your diabetes.
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  • Whether you are a new diabetic or you've had diabetes for several years, you will want to pay close attention to your blood sugars from the time of your breast cancer diagnosis through the completion of your treatments.
Cancer Effects on the Woman with Diabetes
  • The stress of breast cancer diagnosis
  • Chemotherapy medicines - side effects vary
  • Radiation - side effects vary
  • Treatment side effects, for example, infection
  • Long term breast cancer treatment side effects, for example, fatigue

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Diabetes Control for the Woman with Breast Cancer
What is good diabetes control for the woman with breast cancer?

  • controlling your blood sugar.
Things to do Before Starting Cancer Treatment:
  • Have a check-up with your regular doctor
  • See your dentist
  • Get or make a chart to record your home sugar tests
  • Ask how often you should check your sugars
  • Ask your cancer doctor whether you need any special diet during treatment or on treatment days
  • Have a Check-Up with Your Regular Doctor

  • Check how your blood sugars are doing before treatment
  • Talk about how often you need diabetes checks during treatment
  • Visiting Your Dentist

  • Have an exam of your teeth and gums
  • Discuss your cancer treatment plan and learn if you need to do any special mouth care
  • Ask how often you should see the dentist during treatment
  • Ask what symptoms to watch out for
  • Monitoring Weight and Blood Sugar Levels

  • Keep a chart of your daily blood sugars
  • Record your weight at least once a week
  • Take this record with you to ALL your medical appointments
  • Blood Sugar Chart
    After breakfast
    After lunch
    After supper

    Special Diet

  • Ask your cancer doctors whether you need a special diet on treatment days or during the whole course of your treatment
  • Physical Activity

  • Ask your cancer doctors or health care provider how much you can exercise during treatment, whether chemo, radiation or surgery
  • Check your blood sugar level regularly and adjust your medications

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