Introduction to Diabetes and Breast Cancer Leaves
Introduction to Diabetes and Breast Cancer Leaves

Diabetes and Breast Cancer

  • When breast cancer is serious and life threatening, it is often necessary to remove the breast.
  • When a woman has this surgery, she can choose to use special padded bras or she can have reconstructive surgery to re-create a breast.
Body Image and Breasts
Like diabetes-related complications that cause the surgical removal of a limb, losing ones breast can also be traumatic.
  • Some women say they feel less of a woman if they have had a mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast)
    • These reactions are common and you should know that this is something to talk to your doctor, your family and other cancer survivors about.
Living a Normal Life with Diabetes
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Breast Cancer And Diabetes

  • The challenge of having diabetes and breast cancer is an extra stress for the woman coping with breast cancer.
  • This learning module talks about how having breast cancer and getting breast cancer treatment can affect your diabetes control.

Diabetes: A Growing Problem

  • American Diabetes Association says that there are over 18 million people with diabetes
  • There may be more but many are undiagnosed
  • Diabetes is increasing among all racial groups in the U.S. largely due to more and more people being so overweight
  • According the I.H.S. 15% of American Indians/Alaska Natives have diabetes
  • Most of the diabetes is called, type 2 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes is almost always only found in adults
  • But today AIAN have children as young as age 6 who have type 2 diabetes
  • This is largely due to so many AIAN children being obese and severely overweight

Geographic Diversity Of Diabetes In Indian Country

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Which of the Following Diabetes Topics Would You Like to Start With?
  • Breast cancer and controlling diabetes
  • Breast cancer treatment options
  • Chemo related to diabetes
  • Radiation related to diabetes
  • Breast cancer and diabetes: other side effects
  • Breast cancer and diabetes: memory problems
  • Breast cancer and diabetes: other topics

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