Introduction to Diabetes and Cancer
Introduction to Diabetes and Cancer

What is the purpose of this module?

  • To discuss what diabetes is.
  • To discuss what pre-diabetes is.
  • To discuss who is at risk for diabetes.
  • To discuss why diabetes is important.
  • To discuss how to manage both cancer treatment and diabetes.

What information can I find in this module?

  • How diabetes is diagnosed.
  • If I am at risk of developing diabetes.
  • Help with learning how to manage diabetes.
  • Tips for managing both cancer and diabetes.
How is the information organized in this module?

The titles of the sections (the leaves) in this module are:*

  1. Welcome
  2. Stories
  3. Introduction
  4. What is diabetes?
  5. What is pre-diabetes?
  6. What are the types of diabetes?
  7. Who is at risk for getting type 2 diabetes?
  8. What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
  9. How is type 2 diabetes diagnosed?
  10. How is type 2 diabetes treated?
  11. How to manage your type 2 diabetes
  12. HbA1C as a diabetes management tool
  13. What are the complications?
  14. What do I do if I'm sick?
  15. Living with a chronic illness
  16. Emotions and illness
  17. Breast cancer and diabetes
    1. Welcome
    2. Introduction
    3. Controlling your diabetes during breast cancer treatment
    4. Diabetes treatment
    5. Managing your diabetes
    6. Diabetes, cancer and chronic illness
    7. Diabetes, cancer and your emotions

  18. Articles on diabetes to read

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