John's Story
John's Story on Spirituality:
How we talk about our illness:

John was having supper with his sister Sunshine. John had just returned from his Doctor appointment and their conversation went like this:

Sunshine: Hey brother. How did your Dr. appointment go?

John: She told me my cancer has stabilized. My cancer really has not been bothering me that bad this week.

Sunshine: Is the cancer really yours? It's not "yours" brother. It is something you are dealing with. I don't know if you know this, but every time you talk about the cancer you are dealing with, you say it's “yours”.

John: I do?

Sunshine: Yes you do. I hope you don't mind if I share some something I learned from our grandma.

John: Sure, I am open to anything you have to share.

Sunshine: She said I had to watch how I talked to myself. She said the more times I said “my diabetes”, it WAS mine. I needed to watch what I told myself, because if I kept telling myself it is “my diabetes” it surely is. That I would never heal.

John: Yes, I see this makes sense. Our bodies do listen to what we tell it. I know this. So what do you suggest?

Sunshine: Grandma said to talk about it as the “diabetes I am dealing with”. Not to personalize it.

John: I see. It is NOT mine. It is just something I am dealing with. I'm going to work on that. Thanks for sharing sis.

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