Simple Self Healing Ways
Simple Self Healing Ways

Ways to use your own natural gifts to assist in your healing process.

Some ideas to consider in your own self healing:

  • Take responsibility for your own wellness.
    • First we need to take responsibility of finding out how we can get well by using all the internal and external resources available to us.
  • Believe in the power within to assist in your own healing process.
  • You have to believe and have faith that each of us has power within ourselves to assist in our healing process.
  • Without this belief we struggle to heal ourselves.

Change "fix me" attitude to self care.

  • Don't give power away.
  • Many times in this society we have given our personal healing power away.
  • We have developed a "you fix me" policy. "You fix me" Dr, "you fix me" counselor, "you fix me" pills…
  • With this attitude we have given our power away.
  • What happens when they don't fix us? We blame them. We are not taking responsibility for our own wellness.
  • We need to take our power back and work along side of our chosen remedy, whether it is natural or western medicine or a combination of both.
  • Walt Hollow's SPIRITual Model has an example…

Change how we talk about our illnesses

  • Many times we talk about our illness as "my cancer", "my diabetes", "my _"…
  • When we talk about it this way, it IS ours, we keep it. Our sensitive mind believes it and makes it that way.
  • When we say: "this is an illness I am dealing with", it does not personalize it. It separates the illness from who you really are. It puts us in the right frame of mind for healing.

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Empower self –use the natural "tools" you have:

  • Prayers - talk to your higher power
  • Ask others to pray for you… consider prayer circles or other group prayer
  • Meditation
  • Quiet your mind. Try to remove or empty your mind of all thoughts.


  • Think about having a ceremony for your healing

Mind Healing/Visualization

  • "See" self being well, whole and healed
  • "See" bones healing, medicine, operations, therapy working

Develop a positive support system

  • Who are positive people in your life to make up your support system?
  • It is essential that we all have these types of people in our life. We all need:
  • Someone who will "be there", listen, not give advice.
  • Someone who respects your competence.
  • Someone who knows you and challenges you to grow (your mentor)
  • Someone who loves and cares about you even if you goof up.
  • Someone who can challenge your negative emotional reactions
  • Someone who views the world the same way you do.
  • If you do not have a person that fits each category you need to find one. They are very important in your life!! They are keepers!!!


  • Journaling or writing your journey can be very helpful. It is helping us to identify all that we are going through, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • It expresses our feelings and situations in a healthy way. It can show us many things about who we are.
  • It is a very healthy way to express ourselves.


  • Either listening to special songs, music or singing special songs can be very healing.
  • Our songs have and can be our prayers for ourselves.


  • Dancing can be a very healing experience.
  • Dances, especially traditional dances, are and can be prayers for ourselves.

Art & Crafts/Hobbies

  • Many people use their arts/crafts/hobbies to assist in their healing process

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Affirmations-words of wisdom

  • Affirmations are powerful positive statement that we tell ourselves to create a desired result.
  • Many people have used short meaningful statements to help encourage them on their healing path or struggles.
  • Some use quotes out of the bible or other holy scriptures. Some use healing "words of wisdom" they have found.
  • If you repeated these affirmations to yourself over and over, they start to become part of your belief system and can definitely help in your healing.
  • A suggestion is to write them on a brightly coloured paper and attach it in different places where you can see it everyday. Put it eye level. This will be a helpful reminder you to tell yourself these affirmations daily. The more times a day, the better.

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