Energy Natural Healing
Energy Natural Healing

Energetic - this approaches healing on the unseen energy fields of the body, the different layers of our body.

These techniques, mostly, do not involve touch and work on the energy levels just from 1 inch to 6 inches above the body which sends a message to the physical body to heal.

Chakra balance

  • This technique balances the 7 major charkas of the body, the root, reproductive, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.
  • These main charkas radiate out from the front and back of our bodies.
  • These are energy centers that run in 7 specific areas from the bottom of our bodies (root chakra) to the top of our heads (crown chakra)
  • Many times the chakras can be out of balance and can cause emotional and physical problems.


  • Reike is a Japanese form of energy work that is simple, natural and an energetic treatment for healing the body. It promotes relaxation and reducing stress.
  • A Reike session restores this flow of energy, which in turn, naturally balances the body and encourages healing.
  • This technique works on the physical and energetic layers of the body.
  • The Reike practitioner will do the energy adjustment with their hands slightly touching the body

Therapeutic Touch

  • This technique is used to find problem areas of the body and works toward clearing the energy fields.
  • The practitioner will do the energy adjustment with their hands approximately 2-6" above the body.


  • Where very fine needles (acupuncture) are inserted to different parts of the body to open blocked energy fields (meridians). Once meridians are unblocked healing can take place.
  • Acupressure is done the same, only without the needles. Just pressure is applied to the same areas.

Command point balance

  • This is a Chinese technique that identifies one or more of the blocked energy fields (meridians) and uses acupressure to unblock the block.
  • This techniques works on body, mind, emotions and nutritional levels.

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