Nutritional Natural Healing
Nutritional Natural Healing

Nutritional- to add or include an additional substance to our diet.

  • Herbs
  • Natural plants that are used for their medicinal/healing qualities.
  • They can be eaten, taken as teas or used in liniments, poultices, ointments, tinctures, salves or other ways.
  • CAUTION!: Many people try to self prescribe herbal remedies for their illnesses. Not all herbal remedies known for specific illnesses are to be used by everyone.
  • Herbs are a real form of medicine.
  • Some people want to find a natural herb to replace the chemical drugs they are taking.
  • Please know that herbs do work for some cancer but usually in a much slower, gradual way than chemical drugs. Some types of cancer have to be treated with quicker acting drugs.
  • Some herbal remedies are dangerous to mix with chemical prescribed drugs that are being taken. This sometimes can lead to an overdose!
  • Other times the herbal medicines interfere with cancer treatment drugs (e.g., chemo). This means that you are not getting the benefit of the chemo drugs and frequently that you're also not getting the benefit of the herbal treatment.
  • It is very important that you know the correct herbs for you and your particular illness. Find a trusted herbalist in your community to help you.


  • Many times the source of our illness is a lack of a certain vitamin and/or mineral.
  • There are various vitamins and minerals that specifically work on various illnesses and/or dis-eases.
  • CAUTION. There are more and more scientific issues that some vitamin combinations may actually make the cancer more active and aggressive. You need to tell your provider about the types and strengths of vitamins and minerals you are taking.


  • Homeopathies are herbs that have been diluted several times.
  • The more they are diluted, the stronger they are.
  • Because of the high levels of dilution, many herbs that would be poisonous to us if ingest normally can be used for their medicinal qualities in an extremely low, diluted dose.
  • There are clinical trials from the National Institutes of Health that are investigating the positive effects of selected homeopathic remedies.
  • CAUTIONS: You need to get these herbal preparations from a trained homeopathic practitioner who you have told about your cancer.
  • Carefully following the instructions from the trained homeopathic practitioner.
  • You may not be eligible for some clinical trials while taking homeopathic treatments.

Bach flowers

  • Bach flowers are the essence of 38 different flower remedies that work on specific emotions including various forms of grief, sadness, fear, despair, loneliness, oversensitivity, uncertainty etc.
  • Flower essences address the mental and emotional aspects of wellness.
  • These are taken by mouth in tincture form.


  • Many of our foods have healing qualities and help various illnesses.
  • Some foods can be poisonous to our bodies and can cause certain illnesses.

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