Cancer Care Providers
Cancer Care Providers

Who are the Western Medical Providers who are involved with the cancer patient's treatment, recovery, healing from a breast cancer diagnosis?

  1. Family Doctor
  2. Anesthesiologist
  3. Radiation Therapist
  4. Oncologist
  5. Chemotherapist
  6. Plastic surgeon (reconstruction, nipple surgery)
  7. *Oncology Nurse
  8. Clinical Trials Providers and Support staff

Who are Other Members of the Healing Team?

  1. Partner, spouse, parents, children
  2. Spiritual Healer (i.e., 'Cancer' puts a hole in your spirit and you have to allow yourself to heal spiritually for your body to recover") A. Helping them learn how to help the patient B. Helping them learn to deal with their own feelings about the breast cancer diagnosis
  3. Grandchildren ... a special role for healing
  4. Native Sister or Promotore or lay health educator to function as Navigator
  5. Co-workers and friends
  6. Physical Therapist
  7. Social Worker
  8. Insurance "Agent"
  9. Psychologist or Psychiatrist
  10. Diet or nutrition specialist
  11. Home Health Care Nursing
  12. Career Counselor
  13. Sexual Therapy

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