Marlene's Story
Marlene's Story about A Simple Private Ceremony

Granddaughter Jennie finds her Grandma Marlene sitting by the river alone. Their conversation goes something like this:

Jennie: Hello Grandma! What are you doing? Am I bothering you?

Marlene: No, Granddaughter, come sit with me. I am doing a little ceremony.

Jennie: A ceremony? (puzzled) I thought ceremonies needed to be done by a medicine person.

Marlene: Yes, some ceremonies do but this one I can do myself.

Jennie: You can? What do you do?

Marlene: Well, with this one I'm using this tobacco (she takes a pinch of loose tobacco and lifts her hand to the sky). I hold it and say my prayers for myself. Sometimes I sing my prayers.

Jennie: Sing your prayers?

Marlene: Yes, sometimes my prayers are my songs.

Jennie: Oh (said in awe)

Marlene: As I pray or sing my prayers I know they are going into the tobacco. Once I'm done I leave them with the Creator. I drop a little bit of the tobacco in the four directions.

Jennie: Oh, you mean the north, south, east and west?

Marlene: Yes, to the spirits of the four sacred directions. Then I am done. I have left my prayers to the Creator with my own little ceremony. Now I feel much better.

Jennie: Gee, can I do that too?

Marlene: Sure you can. You can do it this way or your own way. It's very simple. Just listen to your heart and it will show you. If you follow your heart you will ALWAYS do it right.

Jennie: I need to do this. Thank you, Grandma

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