Medicine Wheel: The Spirit
Medicine Wheel: The Spirit
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How can I understand more deeply my inner spiritual being?

As we look at the medicine wheel, all of the four directions always return us back to center, that place of harmony and balance. Visit the medicine wheel to grow deeper in harmony.

How can the Creator help me cope with the oral discomfort?

There are may be ways you can cope with the many challenges you will face during this time. Many tribal people ask the Creator, through ceremony and prayer, to give comfort.

What types of traditional medicines might help me with my mouth/throat sores?

Although there are traditional medicines that may be helpful, it is very important to trust your traditional healer and his/her practices, but also work with your (Western Medicine) doctor.

What types of traditional drinks and foods need to be made by my healer before I take them?

When you are considering traditional medicines and foods you will have to make the decision of what feels comfortable for you as you talk with your traditional healer about your needs.

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