Medicine Wheel: The Mind
Medicine Wheel: The Mind
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How is my mind affected by the mouth discomfort?

The mind is powerful and has the power to control our very being. The mind controls our state of "being".

One of the ways to remove the effects of bad mouth discomfort; you might think about how the mind (mental state) can be controlled.

Being afraid and anxious can make your pain worse. Learn more about what you can do for oral / mouth health. Education helps reduce the fear and feelings of anxiety.

Strive to develop every part of the mind and body. Doing this will create a higher order of personal and mental states.
For example, try to make a place in your mind that is opposite to oral discomfort.

How does my mind help me cope with mouth problems?

The more positive one's attitude, the more one is able to cope with the oral side effects of the cancer treatment.

Being positive will allow you to manage the oral problems that may arise.

As one cancer patient states: "I survived because I kept hope alive!!! Live, laugh, love and keep fighting"

How can I use my mind to help me remember to take my pills when I have mouth problems and it hurts to take them?

It is helpful to keep your medicine in a pillbox at a central place.

It is important to be mindful of when you take your pills staying on a schedule is very helpful. If you need help, ask for help.

How does my mind help me learn which foods are or are not okay for me to eat while I am in treatment?

It is important to get your dental care done before you start cancer treatment to insure you are able to eat and stay strong.

There can be common eating problems during cancer care, especially with oral cancer. They can include: sore mouth, changes in taste, dry mouth, sore throat, and trouble swallowing.
Because you may notice some of these common problems it is important to talk with your doctor or dental provider.

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