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"Native American Cancer Education for Survivors"
(NACES) is supported by:
The National Cancer Institute #NCI R25 CA 101938
The National Susan G. Komen for the Cure,
Grants #POP0503920 and #POP0202135

Mayo Clinic's Spirit of Eagles Community Network
Programs [NCI U01 CA 114609]

Native Navigators and the Cancer Continuum (NNACC)
[PI. Burhansstipanov, R24MD002811]

Mayo Clinic's Spirit of Eagles Communities Network
Program 2 [PI Kaur, NCI1U54CA153605]

Native American Cancer Education for Survivors (NACES) Quality of Life (QOL) Tree.

    The NACES Tree Keeps Growing.

    The Native American Cancer Education for Survivors (NACES) Quality of Life (QOL) Tree was initially funded for breast cancer only. However, so many Natives diagnosed with cancers other than breast, contacted NACR and asked to use the site. Due to limited funding, the NACES Team has been able to update only a few sections of the website for multiple cancer sites (e.g., oral side effects, fertility).

    The NACR team continues to seek additional funding to add more content and stories for all cancer sites. They are aware that much more is needed.

    Click the QOL tree image on this page to find information. The hummingbird shows you where you are within the NACES QOL Tree.

    There are comment boxes at the bottom of each page for you to give us feedback. We appreciate your help. This is a community effort!

  1. The information is laid out like a tree with a trunk, limbs, branches and leaves.
  2. There is a lot of information. You can look at a single section (leaf) or as much information as you want (or is available so far).
  3. The trunk has survey questions that help to personalize the information by highlighting leaves (topics) of special interest to you or that are specific to your type of cancer.
  4. The large limbs include major quality of life areas
    • Spirituality
    • Communication
    • Treatment
    • Clinical trials
    • Health Information
    • Treatment side effects
    • More health problems (also called "co-morbidities" (diabetes and cancer; arthritis and cancer)
    • Help & Support
  5. The branches are individual education topics. For example, under the "side effects" limb, there are branches on hair loss, lymphedema, fatigue and pain.
    1. NACES is constantly adding more topics. Many of these are based on how survivors' respond to items on the surveys. This helps us identify which topics are of most need and interest to survivors than are other topics.
  6. Other symbols
    • The Hummingbird on the tree shows you where you are
    • The Teepee returns you to the NACR home page
    • The Tree returns you to the NACES main page
    • The Storyteller gives you a story based on several other Native survivors to help show you how others have dealt with a problem.
    • The Question mark gives you questions to ask your provider (in a branch & on the sidebar)
    • The Bear gives you answers to questions and comments from prior visitors
    • The Book sends you definition pages where you can look up words you do not understand and/or would like definitions of.
    • The Compass sends you to a site map where it might be easier for you to find your topics of interest.

Overview of information for cancer survivors

This site contains many resources for survivors like you. Click to learn more about:

  • Storytellers - Keeping with Native American traditions of storytelling, health information is explained in real and fictional stories from other survivors.
  • Future plans - We’ve just begun! Find out more about some of the exciting plans NACR is working on.
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