Lymphedema-MW: The Mind
The Medicine Wheel and Lymphedema's Impact on the Mind

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The Medicine Wheel and Lymphedema's Impacts on the mind and our mental functions?
  • The pain and discomfort can cause problems with your ability to concentrate or focus on a topic.
  • You may find yourself needing to learn a lot more about lymphedema. One of the best resources is a web-site called the "National Lymphedema Network"
  • Learning more about the problem helps you learn what you can do to reduce the likelihood of having recurrent or continued lymphedema and how to manage it.
  • Trained healthcare providers can teach you how to do your own "manual lymph drainage" correctly so that you can begin to get control of the lymphedema even before you are able to get back in to see the provider.
  • You may learn about different organizations that will help fit you for a compression garment or bandages at low cost or no cost.
  • You can learn how to exercise is a safe way from trained healthcare providers and therapists.
  • You can find financial resources to help pay for the lymphedema care. Several are listed on the financial resources branch. Others are specific to federal programs like the Women's Health Care Act of 1998 that specifically mentions lymphedema care to be covered by most health insurances. Medicare has limits on which parts of lymphedema care it can pay for and which it cannot.

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