Stortellers - Leslie
Leslie's Story about making a Will

Leslie and Ralph are talking in the living room. They have talked with all of the family about Leslie's diagnosis. She has finished her chemo and is feeling strong. She still has some problems with fatigue.

Leslie: I'm glad we met with the lawyer today to finish our wills.

Ralph: Yes, I guess I am too. It was hard to do.

Leslie: Well, I still think the hardest part was setting things up so that Michael cannot get anything until he becomes sober for at least five years.

Ralph: I think that is fair. Besides, the grandchildren are protected because of the trust fund you put in for them. Actually, I like the part about Josephina receiving money if she goes to a shelter just in case Michael doesn't clean up his act.

Leslie: Well, I sometimes wonder if Josephina would get some help from Michael's abuse if she financially was more stable. So we eliminated one more barrier for her to take care of herself and the children.

Ralph: Yeah. She was really surprised when you told her about this in private. She was crying when she left your room after her visit today.

Leslie: Well, that is because I didn't want Michael to threaten her or blackmail her with the promise of the money she gets if she gets help in leaving him until he is a recovering alcoholic and has his violence under control. I also told her that you and I would provide her and the children money now, when she is ready to do something to protect herself. She doesn't have to wait for either of us to die to get help. It is not right.
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