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John's Story about Hairloss

Harold sees John leaving the casino

Harold: [laughing] Hey John, what happened to your hair? Did you join one of those bald gangs?

John: [he starts laughing too] Ah, no, nothing that exciting. [he quits laughing but still smiles]. I've got cancer so my hair was starting to fall out so I just had my son shave it off for me.

Harold: Oh no, man. I didn't know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to joke about it.

John: Don't worry about it. It's not a problem. It's only hair and it will grow back. Now I know how all those white guys feel who are bald. [He laughs again]. The worse part is my hat is too big. I put it on and it falls over my eyes.

Harold: hey, you could put a fur liner in it so that it fit. Will your hair grow back?

John: Oh yeah. You remember when my wife had cancer that her hair fell out, but it grew back in. So will mine.

Harold: So did you get your cancer from your wife?

John: No. it's a different type of cancer. Besides, cancer isn't catchy.

Harold: Well, your head doesn't look too bad. At least it's nice and round [laughing again].

John: [laughing too] Yeah, that's what my son told me after he shaved it. "Hey Dad. You've got a good looking head."

Harold: Well, at least you're not wearing one of those phony hair pieces.

John: Yeah. But I DID think about it. But I just couldn't deal with it. I mean, what if it fell off while I was dealing cards at work. You know, right in the middle of the table. What do I say, "ante up?" [both men laughing]

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