Video Vignettes - Roseanne Wyman
Roseanne Wyman

"When I was about 5 months pregnant with my youngest son who's 21 right now, I had my pap smears was suspicious. They said I had, like, precursors to cancer. We went through all the medical stuff that okay the doctor told me that I was going to have a biopsy. I got right to the point where I was on the table, and then all of a sudden he tells me, well, I'm gonna do this, this, this. This little detail that he forgot to tell me, that you might lose your baby. Well, this was no little detail to me, it had an impact on my life. I figured, two children were plenty for me and this was going to be my last one, and hoping it was a girl. But a boy and he's been the light of my life too. But, anyway, the doctor says, you might lose the baby. He says, well the baby is abnormally small anyway, if you lose it, that's ok, you can have another one! I thought, what a cold person! Is this because, was I treated like this because am I Native? Is it because I'm Native? That, you know,like he didn't fully explain all the details? And just figured well bang, she's just going to go through with it, do what she wants, do what I want and that will be the end of it. But, I objected, no way, I'm not going to do that. I don't want to lose my baby, and I didn't. He got mad and refused to be my doctor. So, that was it. You know, I had to find another doctor, to get a, to have the baby delivered. And this abnormally small baby he's three hundred pounds today. He weight lifts, he's about 6' tall, and as healthy as they come. I'm glad, you know, I put my life on the line for him. He's certainly made every moment worth while. This was all from like basically, everything stems from my spirituality, my strong faith. The belief that the Creator was going guide me in the right direction. And He has."