Video Vignettes - Caroline Shubert
Caroline Shubert - Exercise

"After having been released from the hospital and I came home, my 11 year old grandson Brian came and stayed with me and took care of me. My children stopped in and would bring some food to eat or else they would cook dinner and then leave and that was fine. I made sure that before I went into to the hospital I had done all the things I didn't, I didn't... for instance want to come home and have to worry about vacuuming. So I cleaned my house, changed my sheets, put everything that I could sort of within easy reach. Dr. Blisher had explained that I wouldn't be able to lift anything over 5 pounds and all like that. So I had deliberately put things I might need, so they would be handy. My niece Ronnie came over a couple of times and fixed dinner. My, children Eddy, Evan, and Tommy they all stopped in and fixed dinner. But it was my 11 year that stayed with me, night and day"