Video Vignettes - CeCe Whitewolf
CeCe Whitewolf

"We need to talk about, you know I'm going to say things that might be embarrassing to people, buts that's OK because I need you to listen to me. One of the things that has happened because of my chemo, is Ron and I… sexual activity has really changed from what it was before we went though this journey with cancer. We used to be a very sexually active couple, that's what attracted us to each other long time ago, 25 years ago, and we're still sexually active now, but it's not the same. It's not the same, not because I lost the breast, Ron told me one time, in fact I was giving a talk. I explained to him I said well, people were worried Ron that you would see me differently as a person who wasn't very sexual. And I said you've always been a boob man Ron, and he laughed and he said, "CeCe, I've only got one mouth, and you've only got one boob now so we have no more problems." So, you know, having one boob is no biggie as far as Ron's concerned and no biggie as far as I'm concerned, either."