Video Vignettes - CeCe Whitewolf
CeCe Whitewolf

"But the issue is vaginal dryness. They didn't tell us with our chemo with all of our drugs that we would have vaginal dryness. And I've always wondered what the heck is vaginal dryness. Well now I know when you have sexual activity, your body puts out kind of a lubrication so that as the penis enters the vaginal area it doesn't hurt. It's not dry like sandpaper, when you have vaginal dryness you don't have that lubrication anymore and so like right now my vaginal canal is dry and if Ron and I have sexual activity we have to use a lubricant. And I didn't know what they meant by using a lubricant, where in the world do I get a lubricant. What's that all about? I'm 55 years old. Nobody told me these kinds of things as when I was growing up so we've also learned that in addition to, we'll keep talking about the lubricant.
You go into the grocery store, you go into Fred Meyers or Safeway and you go to where they have the male condom places that's where they have those lubricants, it's like a they said it's a KY jelly or some kind of little squeeze bottle thing that we've got that we use. And Ron puts it on himself and he put some inside me and it helps us with are sexual activity. Um… I can't say it is as much fun as it used to be though because they're still great deal of vaginal dryness."