Video Vignettes - CeCe Whitewolf
CeCe Whitewolf

"But what's happened and again no one tells me this and I and I try to ask the doctor to about this and he was old man and oh he must have been about 65 or 70. And I said because no one has explained to me about my insides and what it's like ya know what's in there? And I said well what have you done to me now, can I still have sexual intercourse? And what's going to happen? And he told me he said well I made you a cul-de-sac. I said, a cul-de-sac, what do you mean a culture sack? So he said he described it kind like he's made a little end, a circle end and that I'm cut off at the end like a culture sack and I said oh okay. Something's wrong though, the culture sack must not be, is not very long or something happened to the culture sack because what happens now is whenever Ron and I have sexual intercourse. I bleed every time, I ... It's like I have a menstrual cycle after we have our sexual intercourse. So something's wrong, and so I've got to go into the doctor and now I think I have to tell him that my culture sack is too short."