Video Vignettes - Bonnie Craig
Bonnie "Heavy Runner" Craig - perceptions of death

"Indian people generally, don't deal well with death. We don't take lightly losing someone that we love. We hold that death with us for a long time. When it comes to the point of examining your own mortality, that's a real difficult task. Because then you have to ask yourself questions of I don't want to deal with not being here. I love life. That's where I am at. I can't imagine not being here. But there's no guarantee that, you know, tomorrow I won't be here because of some other intervening cause that I have no control over. But right now, you know, Creator knows that I am not ready. He knows all the reasons, but whether or not that's within my control, I don't know. So examining mortality, I think is a real healthy thing to do for Indian people and for cancer survivors, in particular. I know that a lot of people that are Indian that have cancer and that have survived have a real difficult time finding other people to talk to about mortality. And we need to do that. We need to slay the dragon. Because if we are really being true to our cultural beliefs and our spirituality, then there's no fear. Because we are being taken care of. It doesn't matter."